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Notes from Boy Scout Troop 31

Posted Fri, Feb 27th, 2015 News

This message is going out to both Barbara Moran and Mark Walker,

I have been involved with Boy Scout Troop 31 for about eight years now. I have been to St. John's soup kitchen each of those years. About 4 years ago the coordination of this event with the scouts was transitioned over to me. I must tell you it is one of the most rewarding events we conduct. Almost every scout that obtains their Eagle rank mentions in their ceremony how rewarding their time was volunteering at the soup kitchen. Barbara I thank you for allowing us to get involved each year. You are an amazing person and if the world had more people like you the world would be so much better. Mark each year you get a phone call from us and without hesitation you make it happen. You obtain the cold cuts and bread that we use to make sandwiches that morning. Your generosity can never be repaid. I wish you could see how gracious the people being served at the soup kitchen are when we hand them their sandwich. I also want to thank the Inserra family and ShopRite for constantly giving back to the community. Attached are some pictures from this year and more importantly some notes of gratitude from the scouts that attended.

Once again thank you both for all that you do. These are events that the scouts will remember forever, primarily because of your support. THANK YOU!

Notes from Scouts:


Note from Warren Trent (Scout)

Hi Mr.M

After the trip to the Newark soup kitchen, I really thought back to appreciate everything

I own and all the things I am able to do. I learned that when you want something for dinner and

your parents won't buy it that it is not the end of the world. There are people who have to dig

through trash to find something to eat. It really changed my perspective on people. Even though they

were homeless, they were some of the nicest and most thankful people I've ever met.

Next time I want something new, I will give away some old things. More importantly, I will think if it is a need

or want situation.

~Warren Trent


Note from the Telfer Family

Hi Manny,
Attached please find Aidan, Collin and Maura's Thank you notes.
Rick and I also want to add a great Thanks to Barbara for all she does each day.  Please include our Thank You to Barbara! (See Below)
Thank you also to Mr. Walker and Shoprite for the generous donation and outreach to those in need in our nearby community.
I also want to Thank you Manny for arranging this special day and teaching the kids how important social responsibility is.
Lastly, Thank you for allowing us to experience this as a family.

We know what we see and experience that day is only a tiny glimpse into all the great love-filled work you and the others that work with you do.
We also realize and appreciate that you go out of your way to welcome our scouts, take the time to explain how and what you do as well as teach them a few important lessons even though you are so busy.  Barbara you are an amazing person giving so much to others as you also set a great example for us all!!!!
Thank you,
Rick and Kathy Telfer and Family


Note from Collin Telfer(Scout)

This event made me realize that I should be more thankful for what I have. And it also showed the importance of helping other. We are all brethren in this world and we need to help each other through good times and the bad. People like Barbara Moran set examples for us as what we should do as fellow humans. Thank you to Mrs. Moran for the chance to help others and also thank you for teaching us the importance of helping others. Also Thanks to Mark Walker of ShopRite for the generous donation of food.

Thank you,

Collin Telfer


Note from Aidan Telfer (Scout)

Thank you Mr. Walker and Mrs. Moran for helping me to see and appreciate how much I have and how much people need. At the soup kitchen I saw how much some people were struggling. In a normal day I don't see such things and so I forget just how many people are without food and homes. Thank you for this reminder on why it is important to help people and just how lucky I am. – Aidan Telfer


Note from Maura Telfer (Scout Sister)

Thank you Mrs. Moran and Mr. Walker for helping me experience serving others who are less fortunate than me. The experience was eye opening. I was surprised to see how upbeat and smiley most of the men we served were despite all they have been through. They made me appreciate what I have. – Maura Telfer


Note from Jake Kaplan (Scout)

Dear Mr. Walker,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your donations to the St John's Soup Kitchen. While volunteering at the soup kitchen with my Boy Scout troop, Troop 31, I realized how harsh the homeless people coming to the soup kitchen's lives are. And, as they accepted their food and coffee, they were so grateful and thankful for what they were getting, no matter how little it was. Your donation has given these people the food they rely on every day. I would just like to thank you for all that you've done for these people.

Sincerely, Jake


Note from Ryan Salvo (Scout)

Hi Mr. Morales!

I just want to say what a great experience the trip to St. John's Soup kitchen was. It was so nice to give back to the less fortunate and make their day brighter. Seeing their faces after giving them food and clothes made me feel warm inside and made my day as well. It made me realize we take a lot for granted and it's important to realize the small things and know that they are a gift. It was also very generous of Shoprite to donate the cold cuts and bread for the sandwiches we made because they definitely filled a lot of stomachs! Thank you for running such a great trip and I'm all ready looking forward to next year! See you soon!

Yours in Scouting,

Ryan Salvo


Note from Karl and Martin Soll (Scouts)

Hi Mr. Morales,

We had a great experience today at the soup kitchen. I felt good to be able to help those less fortunate and to see how lucky we really are. The history of the church was also very interesting. Special thanks to Shop Rite for their generous donation.


Karl & Martin Soll


Note from Ryan Engels (Scout)

I enjoyed going on this trip to help people less fortunate than myself. It made me really think about everything that I take for granted in my life that they don't have, things that they don't have ready access to. I liked being able to help them, if only this one time by making sandwiches and handing out bagged lunches for them. I'm glad that I was able to go down and help and I hope that I can help out again in the future in some way. Thank you to Mark Walker and ShopRite for donating all the supplies for the sandwiches we made, and another big thank you to Barbara Moran for letting a group our size come down all at once to help.

I hope this is everything, and I hope the trip runs again next year.


Ryan Engels



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