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Posted Wed, Jul 20th, 2016 News

Dear Friends ,

I want to share with you two stories that touched my heart. A few days ago I met a man, one of our regulars, whose face was bruised and his head wounded, and judging him quickly I asked, "Did you get into a fight?". He told me that after getting paid for working a few hours, two teenagers assaulted him with a 2x2 plank of wood and took the few dollars he had worked for. My heart broke at the injustice this poor man had suffered. I took him to our Clinic where our nurse Katie took care of him. As she cleansed his wounds with so much love and compassion, I was able to see God's love and care for this man. Yes, God is present even in the midst of cruelty in this world.

My second story is about a boy who for his birthday requested that instead of giving gifts to him, guests would bring gifts for poor children. The boy came in with his mother to our Soup Kitchen to drop off the gifts. What an incredible act of selfless love! I was able to see God's love and care for His children in this child.

This is the reason St. John's Soup Kitchen exists, to be a place where the injured and the blessed come together to help one another and at the same time reveal God's love for all peoples, regardless of race, social class, gender or religion. We are all in this work together.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Fr. Bismarck


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