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The Little Way

Posted Thu, Jun 6th, 2013 By Seton Hall Volunteer News

   Summer has always been a joy-filled time for me.  Full of leisure, time spent with family and friends, and good books.  This summer is kind of new territory I must admit.  There is less time for leisure with job searching and obligations.  Time spent with family is for me, an import from Missouri; difficult to find yet anticipated as being a wonderful and precious gift.  Time with friends is available at times and much appreciated of course.  That being said, I'm truly clinging to the good reads.  I recently started "Story of a Soul," St. Therese of the Child Jesus' autobiography.  For a rather long time now, I've looked at St. Therese as my spiritual big sister and it was an immense blessing to me when my spiritual director asked me to read her autobiography that I had already hoped to add to my summer reading list.  A dear friend lent me her copy and I've since started it.  It is truly a gem of a book; beautifully composed by God's "Little Flower."  Many things have struck me as I turn through the pages, but one seems to resonate with you in mind more than others.  You, dedicated doers and donors of St. John's, follow very well the example of St. Therese's "little way."  She had a deep love of the poor and readily found her niche in how to serve them, just as you.  Even as a child, Therese would lovingly and excitedly do anything she could for her beloved poor.  She understood her limitations and in a very intimate way their need.  She knew that sometimes all she could offer them was her humble prayers, a small gift of money or love.  Through your help and involvement with St. John's you exhibit that same understanding.  What treasure has sincerely become mine to behold this in you!  Every time I think about St. John's, I of course think of all the memories of people I've been blessed to serve and serve with.  These are very fond memories; but what I can never wrap my mind around is the fact that the soup kitchen survives on donations alone.  Donations of prayers, funds, time, needed items, and above all LOVE!  Oh how my heart soars and my mind wanders at this perplexity.  That you, and others like yourselves, would readily give so much of their own lives to those less fortunate than themselves; often without even knowing them!  It is one thing to help out your friends and family but entirely different to help complete strangers, knowing that you may never even get the satisfaction of seeing your actions put food on someone's plate or a smile on their face.  That unknown aspect is I guess what has consumed my thoughts in regards to you, the enigma that you are to me.  It is also what makes me love you without knowing you.  Yet, all of that does not make sense when I look at it with only my reason.  Why do you do it?  Why does it make me love you?  The questions are endless but the answer is simple when I align my faith to my reason.  Simply: love.  God is love and your generosity reflects His love and thus His presence to me and those who encounter your kindness.  So, thank you for being this example to me and others.  I shall repay you all in prayers (my currency) and keep you in my heart.  Peace.


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