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Fresh Soup With a Dash Of Love

Posted Thu, Jun 13th, 2013 By Seton Hall Volunteer News

unrelated soup, but cool picture

We recently got an email from a dear friend in Oklahoma.  I don't say dear friend because 'we go way back' but because this friend is close to our hearts and deeply embedded in our prayers.  He wrote us with his father in mind, who is not in the best health.  The meat of his request from us?  Barbara's Grandma's previously safeguarded recipe for turkey soup!  Barbara, of course, gave our friend the recipe.  And now, drumroll please, she has decided to share it with all of you, the rest of our dear friends.  When she told me I could just write it out on the web and perhaps linguistically spice it up, I was forced to interrogate her on your behalf.  Rest assured, this is the recipe in full with no exceptions, no withheld secret ingredients, or trickery of any kind.  Just a road map to homemade goodness and a full belly!   

Take a small turkey or chicken , boil it in a soup pot until cooked, about 2 hours.  In the meantime, cut up celery, onions, and carrots, boil them in a separate pot for about 45 minutes.  Bone the meat, and then put them all together in the soup pot, including the veggie water.  Add salt and pepper and simmer for about 2 hours.  The longer you simmer, the better the flavor.  About 1/2 hour before you are going to serve, add fresh spinach, green beans, tomatoes, or any fresh veggies you have!  

and last but not least and not to be forgotten dear friends, ENJOY!   


note: soup may not look like photo because pictured is a tortilla soup of no relation....



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