The Christmas Season Is Upon Us!

December 2012    Mike Strader

Merry Christmas all!

This past few weeks has been wonderful. An incredible number of donations have arrived to bring our shelves from nearly bare to overflowing. Our soup kitchen is truly blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Yet again, this year we are excited to welcome Holiday Express who will continue their tradition of performing a concert for our clients as well as providing food and gifts to everyone who comes to the celebration. Headed by the talented Tim McLoone, Holiday Express plays 50 concerts between Thanksgiving and Christmas saving St. John's for the finale. They are a welcome joy to the cold winter weather.

They will be performing holiday classics between 11-1 on Monday while they serve lunch and handout gifts. There will not be breakfast on Monday morning and seating for the lunch will not begin until 11, however, the line for lunch tradtionally starts forming earlier in the day.

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