Here at St. John’s we have many outreach programs to serve the needs of those who come to us. From feeding those who hunger, to tending to the medical needs of those who can’t afford healthcare, we provide for all of God’s people. St John’s is situated in the heart of the Newark business district. The church was founded in 1826 making it the oldest parish in the Archdiocese of Newark and is registered as an historical site. Today, St. John's is known not so much as an historic site as it is for its mission to serve all who come to our door. The heart of our mission is to provide comfort and compassion to those who live with a terrible sense of abandonment and helplessness. Some make their home on benches at the railroad station, or in less-elegant large refrigerator boxes. How one gets to such a point varies; there are those who are mentally ill, others suffer from alcohol or drug addiction, still others who cannot find work.